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Directe Democratie (Jos Verhulst)

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More than 10 years ago, “WIT voor directe democratie” (WIT for direct democracy) was founded, aiming at the introduction of direct democracy in Belgium and Europe as a “supplement” to the current mere representative democracy. After ten years of research and experience, we found that the lack of any form of direct democracy is simply incompatible with the fundamental concept of democracy: popular sovereignty. Belgium is, and due to the process of federalization more than ever, a full-blown particracy, not a democracy, and not even an imperfect representative democracy. As a result of that, we've changed our name into “democratie.nu” (democracy.now).
Our goals are two-fold. We want to demonstrate that, contrary to the common belief, Belgium is not a democracy. And second, we want to show those people who genuinely believe that particracy is a better form of government than democracy, that empirical research proves the opposite.