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Directe Democratie (Jos Verhulst)

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What we want

Democratie.Nu wants to install democracy by introducing the instruments of Initiative & Referendum (I&R) in Belgium and Europe. With such direct-democratic means, citizens will have real decision-making power. If necessary even against the will of the political elite.

We currently don't live in a democracy but in a particracy - which is not only especially true for Belgium, but for most Western countries. Although that fact is sometimes admitted by academics, politicians and journalists, the idea that we live in a democracy is still widespread. It are, however, the political parties that have the last say in everything. Citizens can merely influence the political process weakly through elections, but can never make direct decisions. Because of this structural deficiency, political parties can easily push through policies against the will of the majority, leaving the notion of popular sovereignty completely empty.

Democratie.Nu wants citizens to have direct and binding decision-making procedures, like the Initiative and Referendum. We do not want to abolish parliament, but citizens should have the power to overrule parliamentary decisions if needed. In the end, it is always the complete population who has to abide by the laws voted and has to pay the taxes that are raised. In that light, it's normal that that same population should also have the possibility to decide about which laws passed and which taxes raised.