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Campaigns from across the EU call for a referendum

The European Referendum Campaign (ERC) has compiled a list of all the campaigns from different countries in the EU who are campaigning for a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty:  www.erc2.org/97.0.html The ERC listed the campaigns to show that the call for referendums comes from across the whole EU and not just from within certain countries.

Thomas Rupp Co-ordinator of the ERC said, “This list shows that those campaigning for a referendum do not come from one specific political group, it also reflects the fact that 75% of citizens want to have a say on this treaty.” He continues stating that: “If you are in favour of democracy you should be in favour of a referendum, as you cannot build a democratic EU without involving the people.”

For further information, please contact
Thomas Rupp (T) +32 2 503 05 14 -  (M) +32 476 733557