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Voters in 36 USA states are set to decide 153 ballot propositions in November 2008

Sixty-one measures were placed on the ballot by citizen petition, 59 of them initiatives (proposed new statutes or constitutional amendments) and two of them referendums (proposals to repeal a law passed by the legislature). Five measures were placed on the ballot by state commissions, and three were required by state constitutions (whether to call a constitutional convention, required every 20 years in Connecticut, Hawaii, and Illinois). The remaining 84 measures were placed on the ballot by legislatures.

In the UK, countries, cities and counties, with extremely rare exceptions such as the 1975 referendum about Europe, we do NOT use these forms of government. While they do not replace "representative" government with parties and parliaments, they provide effective tools of democracy for citizens and electorates. The range of topics reflects the areas of responsibility of local council or central government.

We advocate the introduction of direct democratic procedures such as citizens' initiative, issue-ballot, referendum, and recall in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. With over ten years' experience we put forward proposals, provide campaign resources, offer to provide speakers, organise workshops and conferences.
Bron: http://www.iniref.org