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Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

Na Aarau in Zwitserland is het dit jaar de beurt aan Seoul om the World Conference On Direct Democracy te houden. Dit jaar ligt de focus op de interactie tussen directe democratie en de economische crisis: Kan directe democratie onze economie veiliger en stabieler maken? Afspaak Seoul van 13 tot 16 september 2009.
Het volledige programma leest u onderaan dit bericht of op de Iri-webstek (http://www.iri-europe.org/en/conference/2009-seoulnaju-forum/).

A very warm welcome to the 2nd Global Forum on Direct Democracy

Welcome to Asia, Korea and the Host Cities Seoul and Namhae. The second world conference on direct democracy takes place around this years International Day of Democracy and will focus on the global challenge of sustainability and on the key question of how direct democracy can make our economies more stable and secure.

September 13 - Briefing Tour to Korean (Direct) Democracy
On the first day of this years Global Forum you will get a unique briefing tour to the history, current status and future potentials of modern democracy, featuring visits to the Gyeongbok Palaca, the so called Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas, the National Parliament in Seoul and meetings with direct democracy activist on the ground. In the evening a Global Forum hand-over reception from Switzerland to Korea will be given by the Swiss Embassy. 

September 14 - Opening Plenary in Seoul Press Center
The Global Forum deliberations will start in Seoul with a global opening plenary. “The World of Direct Democracy in times of global financial crisis” aims to contribute towards a global inventory of the current procedures and praxis of direct democracy and its effects on our societies. The event at the Seoul Press Center is organised by the Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe in collaboration with the Korea Democracy Foundation, IRI US at the University of Southern California, IRI Asia, , the Council of Europe, the Swiss Confederation and the European Union.

September 15 - Namhae Thematic Forums

On the beautiful southern island and county of Namhae a full day of intense exchange in five thematic workshops will take place during the afternoon, featuring issues like Education, Local DD, Activist strategies, transnational democracy and the administration of DD procedures. During the morning stories from across the world and Korea will be told, while the evening will be celebrated together with the local people of a costal village in Namhae county at the International UN Day of democracy.

September 16 - Concluding Plenary in Namhae

On the last day, the results of the working sessions will be presented as well as the proposal for a common Forum Note and a Working Plan. Also, a keynote on Popular Sovereignity and Globalization will be given. In the afternoon, we will return back to Seoul for a final evening in Korea.

The registration has expired but please check directly with the host organization (http://www.iri-europe.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/Registration_Form.doc) for possible vacancies in the internation welcome scheme, which covers all your expenditures in Korea (transfers, meals, accomodation and fees); you need only to arrange your own travel to/from Seoul.